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How to reach us...

The distance from Athens is 193 kilometers. You will follow the National Road to Patras up to the junction of Diakopto at the 159th kilometer and take the road to Kalavryta and to the Ski Center.

If you depart from Patras,
you have to drive for 93 kilometers via Diakopto, or 79 kilometers via Chalandritsa.

If you are in other places of the Peloponnese, you will arrive at Kalavryta, via the good mountain ne
twork of roads that connects the area with the most important towns of the Peloponnese, as Tripoli, Olympia, Sparta, and Kalamata. From Central Greece, you will pass to the coast of the Peloponnese through the Rio-Antirrio Bridge, or catch a ferry from Antirrio to Rio or from Aghios Nicolaos to Aigio.

Sightseeing and ideas for visits in the area

First of all, you should stroll around the town of Kalavryta; some 500 meters far from the center, on your way to the Ski Center (and to our hotel), you will see the monument in honor of the 1400 male people of the town executed on the 13th of December 1943, during the German domination of Greece. Within the town you may visit the Museum of the “Holocaust of Kalavryta”, dedicated to the same event.

Don’t miss to visit the Palaiologos Mansion, a good sample of the architecture of 15th century, and the Municipal Gallery. The traditional Railway Station is just at the center of the town and it is worth a glance and several photos. And, of course, don’t miss to walk in the streets of the town and buy traditional products (Kalavryta is famous for cheese, dairy products and pasta) in the local stores.

You have various alternatives for short excursions in the area; it depends on your mood and special interests you may have.

The commonest choice of visitors is, of course the Ski Center (11 kilometers far from the hotel to the East). The center is very well equipped, offering facilities both for skiers and for…watchers. Both at the Ski Center and in the village you may rent the necessary equipment for winter sports.

The Cave of the Lakes (“Spileo Limnon”), close to the village of Kastria, some15 kilometers at the South, will impress you with its beauty and long history, but above all with the unique 13 lakes within it, extended on three levels (only two of them open to public). The tour of the cave is guided.

It is worth visiting the historic Holy Monastery of Aghia Lavra (it is here that was declared the Greek Revolution of 1821 against Ottomans). The Monastery is found some 4, 5 kilometers far from Kalavryta, situated in a scenic environment full of trees. Once there, you may also visit the Monument in honor of the heroes of 1821, situated on a nearby hill.

10 kilometers before arriving at Kalavryta, you will see the Monastery of Mega Spileon (“the big cave” in Greek), built on the impressive rocks of the mountain.

If you like Monasteries and churches, there are a lot in the area to visit, as the Holy Monastery of Panaghia Makelaria, dedicated to Virgin Mary and the church of Panaghia Plataniotissa, also dedicated to Virgin Mary, built within the hollow of a plane tree.

Close enough to the hotel you will find the ruins of the Castle,“Kastro tis Orias” (“castle of the beautiful woman”), as the locals call it, whereas at the village of Loussoi, you may visit the “Tower of Petmezades”, in fact the house of this famous local family.

At Loussoi you may also see the archaeological sites of Ano Loussoi and close to the village of Kleitoria the ruins of the ancient city of Kleitor.

The fans of nature should not miss to visit the springs of river Aroanios, near the village of Planitero. Don’t miss to go to the “Waters of Styx”, a sacred place for ancient Greeks; according to Homer, it is here that the mother of Achilles bathed the newborn child in order to make him immortal.

You may also drive to the dam of river Ladonas, but above all you have to make the journey from Kalavryta to Diakopto (or inverse) by the unique rack rail, within a fascinating environment every season of the year.

As you notice, the place is not suitable only for winter; even in summer there are things to do and places to see.

Finally, if you like mountain sports you may find several places to hike or walk; a part of the E4 path is found in the area. If you like motorcycling and off-road driving, you will find a lot of mountain roads, easier or more difficult ones, suitable for off-road motorcycles and cars.

castle resort
castle resort
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